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40 Day Personal Reboot Program™

Making a big life change

is pretty scary.

But you know what’s even scarier?


I’m offering you a 40 Day Recalibration.  This means you can transform everything.

On June 3rd, 2014,  you can transform your life over 40 days .  

I’m  going to refresh every aspect of your life in a 6 week period and help you clear out the old, recalibrate the new and shake you into who you know you can BE today. Not yesterday’s version, but today’s.

Lets face it, thinking the same thoughts and doing the same old things over and over again while hoping for something new doesn’t work.  I tried.  

I prayed, wished, thought positively, hoped, visualized and threw dreams upon lucky stars, but what worked were these EXACT steps I’m going to take you through.   I read just about all the self help books on the market, went to group after group and had as much discipline as anyone else, but still fell back into old patterns of feeling stuck and stagnant until I took action.  6 weeks of action.  Think about it, 40 days is really nothing in the scheme of a lifetime.  


Why 40 days?

Neuro science has proven it takes 40 days of consistent practice to change a habit, create a new pattern and enjoy lasting change.  In 40 days we’ll lay down new neuro pathways and recalibrate the way you’ve been living.

The good news is: it took a lifetime to create your habits, but it only takes 40 days to create a fresh start.


Here’s what you’ll receive:

~Week 1:  We lay the landscape for our 6 weeks together.  I’ll share your morning guided meditation, routine and ritual with you, then we’ll lay the groundwork to tackle your home environment from an energetic, and symbolic point of view. This is a massive action week that will most definitely bring up buried things you didn’t even know were affecting your emotions, mood and energy levels.

~Week 2: This week we’ll dive into body care with special treatments and practices.  We’ll also add ritual, meditation and sacred space into the mix. This week is all about self care because without it, we’re empty vessels giving to the world around us without a sustainable source of energy to fill us back up and keep us balanced.

~Week 3: Time to take a look at how you view the world, your inner landscapes and belief systems.  This is where we start to change your paradigm and get back in touch with your dreams. You will literally clear out old beliefs, old paradigms and separate yourself from the past.  This week we dive deep into the relationship with yourself.  All relationships stem from this one.  Hidden sabotaging beliefs that have run your life will be exposed and we’re going to rewrite the script of you really are.  This week will be an enlightening self discovery that uncovers old patterns that no longer serve you.  We’re also going to uncover the hidden gem that is you and let her out to shine.

~Week 4: Time to talk money.  You’ll discover how you block it and  how to create more of it.  You’re going  to detangle yourself from the beliefs and wounds you took on growing up and  start to manifest what you really want and deserve big time.

~Week 5: This is our week to learn about our relationship to others.  We’re  going to talk about healthy boundaries, relationships and friendships.  We’ll dive deep into clearing the past and learn to revitalize your current relationship or pave the road for love if you’re hoping for it’s arrival. I’ll also share my top secrets I’ve picked up after working with and coaching men over the last 24 years.  In regards to friendships, you’ll rid yourself of the energy zappers and learn to recognize who’s healthy for you and who’s not.

~Week 6: We’ll tackle your diet and your body this week.  You’re going to glow from the inside out as we learn to love ourselves again.  Homemade spa treatments, yummy recipe ideas and fabulous substitutions for what I call the naughty 5 are on the menu this week.  It’s Springtime, so there’s no better time to do a little detox and wake our diets up with some fabulous raw food recipes.  I’ll even share my top secret raw chocolate recipe that a major grocery store here in the states picked up nationwide.  You’ll also receive my raw food recipe book via pdf download immediately.

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Our next launching date is June 3rd, 2014.

Wondering how it unfolds?


~Once a week for 6 weeks we’ll have a live group teleconference call on tuesday nights at 6 pm Mountain time (GMT zone 6).  This will be recorded so you can listen over and over again and on your own time.  That’s 6 hours of live coaching from me worth over $1200.00.

~You’ll receive weekly motivational emails loaded with action steps so you stay on track.

~Access to my 15 minute guided morning meditation so you’ll start the day balanced and peaceful.

~I’ll add you to the private FB group page where you can network and share your progress with other women from around the world, AND you’ll participate in all future 40 day programs as they launch.

~You’ll have access to the private area of my website where you’ll find your 40 day personal reboot guide.

~You’ll receive a free pdf copy of my raw food recipe book to replace many of the allergy culprits in your kitchen.  It’s filled with yummy snack ideas too.

~And you’ll be privy to my personal stories of transformation and know how I came to find happiness in my life separate from any outside circumstances.  I don’t share these stories publicly.

~You’ll take part in 3 live question and answer Google hang outs.

And finally, 

~You’ll receive support when you need it so you can step out on day 41 as the best version of you!

This is exactly the plan I set for myself when I realized I wanted a change and needed to find my way back to happy again.  These are my personal secrets, the road map I drafted in my own journal when I was feeling complete despair.


You’re going to feel like a whole new you again.

$397.00 Add to cart

Our next launching date is June 3rd, 2014.

Here’s what some of the women have reported:


“Wow! I’m 24 hours into the Program. Sometimes I buy things like this on the internet and it sits dormant. Not this! I’ve already implemented at least one recommendations from each major area. I don’t know another program out there that offers detox, nutrition, beauty, feng shui, money, movement practices, distraction detox, relationship with self and others guidance and . . raw food recipes by a professional chef (yet easy to make). My favorites are the detox scrubs, Holy Basil Cocktail, chocolate dairy free ice cream with cashews and cinnamon, and the feng shui recommendations that have already transformed my home. I think I got my money’s worth in the first 40 minutes. This program should be hundreds of dollars. Jump on it now and see what I’m talking about. Inspired!” Angela Grace

“I was going through a rough patch in life when I purchased the reboot guide and had a desperate urge to have something change in my life. Many of us are always silently seeking but few of us will act on it or even realize it. I like to think of the program as a kick in the butt we all need. I realize I have come so far and for this, I am grateful! I also love how Tamara embodies her program. She has lived and lives it. That made me really resonate with her. We all know how frustrating it can be to strive after an “ideal”. She will push you to get back on track. This makes it so much easier to grasp that we can ALL do it. We are all capable. We deserve it. We are worthy. Taking the first step is always scary but sometimes that leap of faith is what we need. The door is there if we choose to see it. I am grateful to have the choice. Thank you Tamara!” Victoria C. Ontario

“Hi Tamara, I listened to the call again last night. I find it helpful to listen to them 2 or 3 times, as I ‘hear’ different suggestions each time. I LOVE THIS PROGRAM!!!! And I am enjoying it immensely. I don’t write on the FB Wall as often as the others because I tend to be a private person. I am enjoying the information each week and find it refreshing! Combined with your new ideas. I am finding balance again!” Ellen M. Colorado

Back in september I was in a complete state of hopelessness. I felt drained and tired, and I was really lacking energy. One day I was surfing the net … you know sort of googling: How to become happy! I stumbled over Tamaras spring program, I decided to join. Am I glad, I did? I’ve realized the importance of ‘walking the talk one step at a time’. I’ve been given guidelines as to clean up important areas in my life. Some of it was a piece of cake, others I’ll be working on for a long time forward. I’ve promised myself to repeat these weeks over and over again, but the thing that really made a difference for me, was, that we were in it together. I’ve been enjoying your posts, the happy ones as well as the sad ones. It gave me a feeling of not being the only one in the world, feeling the way I do. Therefore, all you wonderful women from all over the world, it has been a privilege playing with you these past weeks. All the best” Maria G. Denmark

“I’m so grateful! I have learned SO much from this program whether it be about myself, others, life, etc. This experience will be something that I carry with me everywhere I go. It is really hard for me to put in to words without tearing up, all I can say is Thank You” Elisha B.

” I knew this weeks assignments would be a challenge for me. What I didn’t know is that I have come along way and am not pushing/forcing myself to do them. Usually I procrastinate or I quick-get-it-done-and-over-with and am not able to really process the purpose. Now I find myself contemplating, praying, meditating on what I need to learn and acknowledge and not worrying about the action that needs to be taken.It feels very foreign albeit very good. I love what I am learning about myself and what I am changing with this program! This particular action helped me in so many ways the past week. To say they have been a struggle is understated as I feel I have experienced my heart breaking (physically and emotionally), my mind cracking and my life crumbling during the past week. (For those that are familiar with Carolyn Myss ” a dark night of the soul” very aptly describes.) The assignment was always in the back of my mind during all of this and helped to keep me open and accepting of what I was experiencing with out criticism. I feel strongly that because I did not fight against the emotions I was feeling while looking to seem them as affirmations of self that I have come through the other side with strength and have been enlightened in so many amazing ways.
I realize that each of us need to experience this for ourselves and that it will appear to be a very different experience than others. But, I needed to share. I feel so amazing and know now that I can tackle my struggles in life while graciously learning, appreciating beauty and believing in abundance and joy.Thank Tamara for developing and sharing it.” Ivy P.

” I have done so many bold & courageous acts in my life. This program is precisely identifying the very places I am currently “stuck.” Laurie B.

“I just listened to last night’s call on my returning flight… Such powerful and relevant messages. I’ll be reflecting on them for some time. Thank you!!” Kathy T.

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