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Are you tired of waking up each morning hoping to feel different while wishing life would get better?


This program is simply unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.  

 I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy, I’m telling you 40 days

can truly change everything.


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Hey Miss “I take care of everyone around me”, it’s YOUR turn now. 

It’s time to get your MOJO back.

Not sure I’m the real deal?  Check out what past participants have experienced at the bottom of this page and  read the story of my life blowing up here


Face it: life sneaks up on us.  

Changes, breakups, careers, children and stress can throw anyone off track, and thinking the same old thoughts while doing the same old things over and over again- while hoping for something new- doesn’t work.  


I TRIED that, then I took action–40 days of action.  

What worked for me are the EXACT steps I’m going to lead you through.


40 days is nothing in the scheme of your lifetime. 


The way we do anything is the way we do everything. So if you fall down in one area of life, chances are you’re probably affecting other areas too because everything’s connected. 


The women who’ve participated in this program have had dramatic breakthroughs.

Many of them have realized their life’s purpose, cultivated more prosperity, solidified their relationships, saved their marriages,  increased their self confidence, experienced weight loss, regained energy and “oomph in life”, developed a deeper sense of peace and creativity, experienced more satisfying friendships, and gained a sense of support and belonging.  

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Here’s the course of our journey together:


  • Week 1:  Your living space 

    First, I lay out the landscape for our 6 weeks together.  You’ll receive the guided morning meditation, routine and ritual, then we’ll tackle your living space from an energetic and symbolic point of view.

This is a massive action week that will most definitely uncover buried things you didn’t know were affecting your emotions, mood and energy levels.  We literally clear the slate on your physical past of your home, and set the stage for real change to unfold.  I’ll also throw in tons of fun Feng Shui tips to make your home and office environment vibrate with positive energy. 

  •  Week 2: Your body, self-esteem and rituals to heal

  • This week is all about self-care, because without it you’re an empty vessel giving out to the world without any sustainable way to fill back up and stay balanced.  (sound familiar?)

You’ll enjoy detox baths, natural facials, and self care practices you’ll take with you for the rest of your life. We’ll introduce the power of intention and ritual, and I’ll add in some self esteem boosting practices and prepare you for our next ah ha moment filled week together.

  • Week 3:  The relationship with yourself

This week will be an enlightening self discovery uncovering old patterns that no longer serve you.

We’ll take a look at how you view the world, your inner landscape, and your belief systems.  
This is when we change your paradigm and get you back in touch with your dreams and WHO YOU REALLY ARE, not who you were led to believe you were in the past.

This week special guest Lisa Wimberger joins us to literally re-sculpt your thoughts and let go of the sabotaging ones that keep us from having everything we want in life- because we CAN have it all.

You’ll literally clear out old beliefs and paradigms, while separating yourself from what was so you can land in the fertile NOW.  Hidden self-sabotaging beliefs running your life are brought to light and you’ll get to rewrite the script of who you really are. 

We’re going to uncover the hidden gem that is you and let her out to SHINE.

  • Week 4:  Your relationship to others

Are your relationships satisfying?  Now’s when you’ll gain healthy boundaries, dive deep to clear the past, look at the stories you tell yourself in your head, and gain a better understanding of good communication skills.  I’ll share my favorite man tips for creating peace and romance again, and we’ll talk self sabotaging pitfalls.

Do you over give? Feel “met” by those you call friends?  Do you end your days feeling drained and empty?  THIS week we’ll shine a light on ALL of that and give you some tools to sculpt a life you love filled with healthy relationships.

Finally, you’ll rid yourself of energy zappers and learn to recognize who’s healthy for you, and who’s not.

  • Week 5: Let’s talk money honey!

    Money can’t buy happiness, but lack of it can sure buy misery!  So let’s talk money!  This week you’ll discover how you block it and how to create more of it.  You’ll detangle yourself from the beliefs and wounds you’ve acquired and start to manifest what you really want — and deserve.

    Your money past does not have to equal your future so this week we’re going to clear the decks so ABUNDANCE can flow.  You’ll also receive your first bonus! Money expert Joetta Johnson, aka: The Priestess of Finance, shares her expertise–AND I share with you my top feng shui tips that have facilitated miracles in my own life, as well as many other clients. 

    Week 6: Let’s uncover toxic food beliefs and glow again.

This week we rethink food.  You’ll glow from the inside out as you learn to love yourself again.  I’ll blow the lid off what you’ve learned about food rules, include yummy recipes and fabulous substitutions for what I call the irritating five, and serve up a whole ration of new information around food this week.  Get ready to blow the lid off popular food myths.

Guest expert Marcie Goldman joins in with a bonus class to blow the lid off quite a few food myths and I’ll share my very special Kitchen Feng Shui bonus with you.  I’ll also give you a few options to wake your diet up with fabulous healthy substitutions for your favorite cravings- and I’ll share with you the danger of those cravings. I’ll even share my top secret raw chocolate recipe that a major grocery store here in the states picked up nationwide.  Finally, you’ll receive my recipe book via pdf download immediately.

If not now, when?

Don’t you think you deserve this?

This is the exact plan I set for myself in my own journal when I realized I needed a change and wanted to find my way back to happy again.

These are my personal secrets: the road map I drafted when I was feeling complete and utter despair.

Together, we’re going to uncover the hidden gem that’s YOU and let her out to SHINE. 


Wondering what you’ll receive?

~Each week you’ll receive a new downloadable class recording so you can listen in your own time.  

~Weekly motivational emails loaded with action steps so you stay on track.

~3 Bonus guest experts  join in with extra recorded classes to take you deeper into your journey.

~You’ll be added to my private FB group to share and network with other women around the world, Women in the group have reported feeling like they’d finally found a sacred circle of support.  

I’ll also spend an hour of power each week on the wall answering your questions  LIVE.  

~You’ll have access to the member’s only area of my website where you’ll find your 40 day personal reboot guide detailing our every week together, and let me tell you, THIS is extra information, not just what I say on our weekly recorded classes! 

~I’ll load you up with tips from my 19 years of Feng Shui experience to bring more love, money and vital health into your life.

 ~You’ll be privy to my personal stories of transformation and discover how I came to find happiness in my life separate from any outside circumstances.       (I don’t share these stories publicly)

~ You’ll receive my downloadable morning meditation.  This is a visualization to balance you out, clear your energy, and settle your mind for the new day.

~You’ll receive my downloadable recipe guide and if it’s applicable for you, my e-book: How to Survive a Breakup and Come out Thriving.  

~ You’ll receive my one hour bonus class: 7 secrets to manifest what you want in life.

~ You’ll receive my one hour bonus class on Kitchen Feng Shui

And finally, 
You’ll step out on day 41 as the best version of YOU!

**In the end, you’ll receive: over $3897.00 worth of coaching and expertise for a whole lot less than $8 a day.  And while I may not know you, I know it’s easy to spend that on coffee and little extras daily!  

Isn’t it time you invest in YOU?


Ask yourself:  

What will my life look like in 5 years if I do this?

 What will it look like if I don’t?

It’s your turn honey.  You deserve this.

Registration is now open.  


So who am I?


I’ve been through a lot and finally learned to thrive instead of merely survive.  Since I was a small child, I’ve been able to intuit the people around me, and have developed the uncanny ability to see what blocks someone from reaching their full potential.  I can spot your blind spots like nobody’s business.  

I’ve also been a successful intuitive coach for over 25 years working with clients in corporate capacities and one-on-one personal sessions. I’m honored to be regularly featured in The Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, Positively Positive, The Elephant Journal and numerous other publications.  I’ve also regularly appeared as a guest happiness expert on numerous talk shows, SiriusXM radio, former Oprah producer Le Grand Green’s GetBOLD radio and Dr. Oz regular Dr. Brenda Wade’s Good love radio.  Finally, I’ve written two books available on Amazon (one an international bestseller-toot toot).  

Most importantly?  

I know what it’s like to be down on my knees and not know how to stand back up again.  I’ve also known what it’s like to go years feeling slightly “off” and not be able to put my finger on what’s wrong. 

Over time I’ve figured out how to be happy, and I’m talking authentically happy. 

Why 40 days?

Neuro science has proven it takes 40 days of consistent practice to change a habit, create a new pattern and enjoy lasting change.

In 40 days we’ll lay down new neuro pathways and recalibrate the way you’ve been living.

And the very best news?

It took a lifetime to create your habits, yet it only takes 40 days to create a fresh start.


Guest experts!


Guest expert Joetta Johnson is the Priestess of Finance and  the financial expert joining us on our money week together. 

Known for taking the mystery out of money. She helps you solidify a foundation of money mastery upon which you can build a prosperous life of freedom, passion, and purpose.

Money is a tool we all use, but unfortunately it doesn’t come with a conscious instruction manual—until now. The Priestess of Finance offers practical tools and techniques for mastering financial management and experiencing true wealth. Her Map of Intention™ 8-Step Process is a financial forecasting system that uses vision, intention, goals, strategy and practice to help you experience inspiration, liberation and confidence with money. Her Illuminated Income™ Program is rich with principles and practices for increasing the flow of resources in your life. Learn more on Joetta at




Guest expert Marcie Goldman joins our food week and blows the lid off old out-dated ideas of what’s healthy and what’s not.

There’s nothing that lights up Marcie Goldman more than getting you glowy-good healthShe uses fad-free, counter-culture, result based nutrition therapy to get you off the diet-crazy-train and back in control of your appetite.  Marcie has a thriving nutrition practice internationally via Skype. Her work combines functional medicine strategies with nourishing Wise Woman Traditions, a stellar combination she has honed over the last 10+ years in her professional one-on-one & group work. To accelerate the healing process, Marcie created Mojo Mastery Month, the popular 30-day health makeover and “the only quick fix” she would ever advise. Find more on Marcie at  



 Guest expert Lisa Wimberger joins our relationship with ourselves week as we dive into the stories we tell that hold us back.  

Lisa Wimberger is the founder of the Neurosculpting Institute and author of New Beliefs, New Brain, and Neurosculpting: A Whole-Brain Approach to Heal Trauma, Rewrite Limiting Beliefs, and Find Wholeness. A member of the National Center for Crisis Management and other care associations, she has a private practice in Denver, CO, specializing in helping clients with stress disorders. For more, visit


Join us!

Registration is now open.  

You’ll receive your first module April 14th

$297.00 Add to Cart


2 monthly payments of $150 Add to Cart

Come on…what are you waiting for?  If not now, when?

 Experience what these women have experienced. It’s YOUR turn now!


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To those of you who are considering taking this program, in the immortal words of Nike, JUST DO IT.

You won’t regret it. Not for one minute.

Tamara leads with gentle but firm hand so if you’re wondering how to possibly change in just 40 days, I promise you’ll find yourself changed, and in fact, find yourself CHANGING within the first week.


I’m 24 hours in.

Sometimes I buy things like this and they sit dormant.
Not this! I don’t know of another program that covers all the bases.

Her feng shui recommendations have already transformed my home! I got my money’s worth in the first 40 minutes. I’m SO Inspired!


I was going through a rough patch in life and had a desperate urge to have something change in my life. Many of us are always silently seeking but few of us will act on it or even realize it. I like to think of the program as a kick in the butt we all need.

I realize I have come so far and for this, I am grateful! I also love how Tamara embodies her program. She has lived and lives it. That made me really resonate with her.

She will push you to get back on track, and she makes it easier to grasp that we can ALL do it. We are all capable. We deserve it. We are worthy. Taking the first step is always scary but sometimes that leap of faith is what we need. The door is there if we choose to see it. I am grateful to have the choice. Thank you Tamara!


Hi Tamara, I listened to the call again last night. I find it helpful to listen to them 2 or 3 times, as I ‘hear’ different suggestions each time.
And I am enjoying it immensely. I don’t write on the FB Wall as often as the others because I tend to be a very private person, but I so look forward to your information each week!
Combined with your new ideas. I am finding balance again!


I was in a complete state of hopelessness.

One day I was surfing the net … you know sort of googling: How to become happy…
I stumbled over Tamara’s program & decided to join.
Am I glad I did!

It gave me a feeling of not being the only one in the world feeling this way.

All you wonderful women from all over the world, its been a privilege playing with you these past weeks.


I’m so grateful! I have learned SO much from this program whether it be about myself, others, life, etc. This experience will be something that I carry with me everywhere I go. It is really hard for me to put in to words without tearing up, all I can say is Thank You!


I love what I am learning about myself and what I am changing with this program!

Every woman needs to experience this! I need to share. I feel so amazing and know now that I can tackle my struggles in life while graciously learning, appreciating beauty and believing in abundance and joy. Thank you Tamara for developing and sharing this program.


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