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Visions of Violets.

It’s a vibrant sign of spring when violets begin to blanket the countryside with their wonderful purple color and scent. I’m always feeling extra creative when my yard starts to show signs of purple.  Did you know that these violet beauties have been used as edibles since Roman times and are rich in medicinal properties?  Even Athens, Greece was once known as the city of violets.

All parts of the violet’s roots, leaves and flowers are edible.  This plant is a super food filled with vitamin C and has wonderful antiseptic properties. Violets help to heal a common cold, soothe sore throats, and soothe lung inflammation.  The oil treats eczema and flowers have expectorant, laxative, and anti-inflammatory qualities.

These purple flowers are also calming and effective for insomnia, headaches and dizziness. No wonder violets were used in Victorian times, those women were always dizzy from their tight corsets!

For headaches, soak a washcloth in cool violet water and put on the back of your neck. To make violet water, simmer violet flowers in water until the water turns purple.

Violets are also known to heal a broken heart, help with grief, anger, and depression.  Many flower essences contain violet for this purpose.  You can find flower essences under Bach flower remedies online.

Please never use African violets.  Recipes call for the garden variety or the wild violet flowers, violas.  You can also substitute pansies as they are in the same family.
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