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It Takes Balls to be Happy-Australian Radio Interview

My recent interview on the morning news station 4BC – Fairfax Radio Network out of Australia.  Have a listen to the interview by clicking the link at the bottom of their post.

Working to be happy

Posted by: Gordon Campbell | 9 October, 2014 – 12:50 PM

happiness4BC Afternoons: Happiness is not an end point destination – it is a journey!This is what International Author, Tamara Star thinks, and she wants to share this idea with everybody.Tamara Star is also an intuitive coach and is the creator of a 40 day personal reboot program.

Michael and Clare looked into this subject to find out why some people can easily find happiness and some find it more difficult.

Self admittedly, Star was miserable as a child, always looking for what’s next – some day she thought she might be happy.

I was always looking for what’s next and it wasn’t until my life fell apart on every single level and I was down on my knees and I had nothing, that I finally realised, you know what, hearing those birds on a lunchtime walk without my cell phone – that’s pretty amazing.

“Some of my most miserable clients are the ones that, from the outside, look the happiest and the wealthiest and the most successful,” revealed Star,” and they’re empty inside.”

“Our society trains us that it’s out there – it’s in the new car, it’s in the better haircut, looking young – we’re all being hypnotised.

“If we can just slow down enough and be in that now moment that everybody talks about and look around at what we have right now – what makes you happy – then gratitude comes.”

LISTEN: International author and intuitive coach, Tamara Star, looks at the value of happiness.

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