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The Boulder Flood and the Gift of Men

I heard the dispatcher announce “all rescue units seek higher ground, the city of Boulder is impassable”, and at that point went into full blown panic. Sirens were going off, the night was pitch black and I could hear the rushing water going past my street and behind my house as the usual small trickle of a creek bed had risen past its banks and created a 200 yard raging river.

Top Feng Shui Bedroom Tips.

Feng Shui for attracting love. The most important corner of your home and any room is the relationship corner.
When we enhance the positive of our homes and limit the negative, this energy can flow unrestrained in harmonious ways. Health, money and love come easier and our homes suddenly feel like the refuge from the world they were meant to be.

Start Over for Spring.

Your mantra while doing this? “If I don’t use it, I’m going to lose it. I’m not going to keep things just in case.
I trust the universe will provide me with what I need when I need it. There is someone out there that needs this more than me and will use this rather than my keeping it just in case.”

What Women Want.

Let me say there’s absolutely no way I would trade places with our men. We may get the short end of the aging stick, but our men definitely have it far harder these days when it comes to dating.  Show up masculine and strong, and we wish you were more emotional and vulnerable.  Show up […]

How to Feel Connection

Polite conversation, (let’s admit) is boring. We spend our days going about our business, waving at neighbors, interacting with co-workers and chatting at parties; yet we  still feel disconnected and lonely. There’s a woman in my neighborhood I’ve never really connected with conversationally, although I’m very social, I can be shy at times and find […]

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! It seems our Mother Earth is birthing lately with all of her earthquakes, eruptions, storms and shifts. Like the birth process, it can seem dark and scary, even messy at times. I like to remember that once that dark and mysterious process is over, a baby’s first breath is taken and there […]

Driving to Patience.

I’m one of those people that thinks I’m pretty cool headed behind the wheel and yet I’ve been humbled  a lot lately. While driving down a one lane street last week, a car came speeding up behind me while honking and flashing it’s lights,  I thought “gee mister, take a chill pill we’re all in […]


We’ve reached a point in this world when things seem to be spinning out of control. Mother nature has a mind of her own and the media convinces us daily that our world is in ruin. Standing in the middle, as things around us drop away, or finding ourselves in the place of no longer […]

Emotional Freedom.

I woke up this morning feeling sad yet had no reason I could think of to feel so down. Even after taking a yoga class to clear my head, I was left feeling even worse. I realized that sometimes emotions just run through us that have nothing to do with “today”. For me; I tapped […]

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