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You may have 2 ears but your mouth is bigger.

There is a voice inside me stirring, getting louder, and I’m unable to edit anymore.

Do you hear it too?  That place inside your heart that wants to speak up and say; that’s bullshit, I don’t believe you, or on the flip side; I think you’re amazing. Perhaps that voice is inquiring; I’m feeling nervous are you?, I feel uncomfortable around you, I was wondering if you feel uncomfortable around me? Either route, your voice is there and it wants to be heard.

It’s time to speak from that voice inside your heart instead of remaining silent.  We see truth, we feel it in our bodies and it’s time to quit stifling our voices. Editing makes us sick.  Disease comes from constant editing and the stagnation of truth as we refuse to let it circulate up into our throats and out our mouths.  Knowing your truth and not speaking will make you die sooner; or wish that you would as not living out loud makes us all miserable.

Really, who are we to deny the world our authentic truth anyways?  Authentic truth comes from the heart and it’s spoken with compassion.

Isn’t our truth our individual gift to the world around us?  Who are we to deny someone the growth that may be incurred from real truth?  Do we really like disrespecting ourselves by not speaking up and speaking out what we know to be true?  Truth requires speaking out from that vulnerable place inside that feels something and then usually edits it down into silence.  Truth takes balls.

How many times have you wanted to say to someone; are you mad at me?  I’m afraid of losing you but I need you to know XYZ…… Or, I’m falling in love with you and I’m afraid it won’t be reciprocated. Perhaps; I’m feeling scared and unworthy.  I’m afraid if I tell you how I feel, you’ll leave me.  There are times you take my breath away and I’m afraid of losing you. I’m feeling disconnected from you and that scares me.

At times in my life when I’ve had the nerve to speak directly from my heart, the results were miraculous.  Other times were devastating as I lost a friend.  Yet in the end it shook out those that weren’t supposed to be in my inner circle and those that were meant to be there arrived as the doors swung open.

For many years I held my tongue as I feared my truth would be met with rage, denial, or most deadly: rejection.  For years those habits kept me from speaking my truth and in the end, guess whose throat chakra went haywire and whose thyroid went out of balance?

After years of house cleaning, I now experience people that listen when I speak. They may not agree with me, but they honor me by hearing meMost importantly, I honor myself by speaking up. I’m now able to say to a girlfriend; you’re talking at me and complaining about your life so much that I’m having a hard time hearing you.  I love you and I want you to love me, but I can’t support this negativity anymore.  How can I support you without bearing the brunt of your “story”. That is radical friendship.

Someone recently wrote me an email and was so vulnerable in his message speaking his truth, that I suddenly considered  him differently than I  had before.  Truth is sexy!  I imagine it’s just as sexy for us women to be fully revealed.  I’m not speaking of the needy oh my god I’m afraid I may die alone one day insecurity revealing….I’m speaking of the kick ass “I’m all woman, I know my truth and I’ll share it with you,” kind of revealing!

In the end truth always comes to the surface.  We can continue to nurture relationships and friendships that don’t serve us, don’t make our hearts sing and don’t foster our true potential, OR we can speak our truth and fully reveal our soft underbellies, thus attracting in and keeping the ones that resonate with us as we stand in our true power.

So open your mouth and let it rise…the truth really does set you free.


Images Courtesy of by Matt Banks.

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